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Fly & Bike

Move from Ciampino Airport to the city center in an unusual way and get into Rome cycling on the first highway of mankind's history.

Program (2 hrs.)

  • 1

    Aeroporto di Ciampino

  • 2

    Parco della Caffarella (Colombario Costantiniano, Ninfeo di Egeria e Chiesa di Sant’Urbano)

  • 3

    Villa dei Quintilii

  • 4

    Complesso di Massenzio

  • 5

    Catacombe di San Callisto

  • 6

    Porta di San Sebastiano

  • 7

    Piazza Numa Pompilio

  • 8

    Your final destination

From Ciampino Airport To Rome by bike.

What is Fly & Bike?

Our proposal will avoid the boring transfer from the airport to the city center. Exchange the long and busy journey by bus, taxi or train with a pleasant bike ride with our guide, in one of the most beautiful roads in the world, full of history, entering the city in the most sensational way.

Why Fly & Bike?

  • Don’t care about your luggage. We’ll take it to the hotel or to our store (Campo dei Fiori)
  • Don’t care about the transfer to your hotel
  • Start immediately to enjoy, biking into Rome
  • Follow our guide to the city center
  • Discover the stunning Appian Way

Start your roman experience after landing!!!

Ciampino airport is located few kilometers from Rome on the new Appian Way. A main road that connects Rome to the area of ​​the Castelli Romani.

In this stretch the new Appian Way runs a few meters away from the Regina Viarum, the Appia Antica, built by the Roman Empire starting from 312 B.C. to link Rome to Brindisi.

Many parts of this historic street have been lost, but the initial section in Rome is well preserved and many monuments and features are still visible.

The beauty of its streets and the fact of being inserted into a protected green area where vehicular traffic is obviously limited making it extremely enjoyable to travel by bike.

So, what could be better than a triumphal entry into the Caput Mundi from the Regina Viarum?

Yes. Because this is an extraordinary alternative offered by LeadingRoma to reach the city center rather than travel the busy and anonymous streets used by buses and taxis.

If you want to feel the sensation of reaching the city like more than 2000 years ago (yes, you’re right, 2000 years ago the bicycles did not exist, but we are waiting the authorization to transit with a cart driven by oxen :)))  we organize this unusual transfer.

The 12 km transfer by the Appian way to Piazza Numa Pompilio will take about a couple of hours (may be a bit more) on gravel roads without traffic and slightly downhill making this stroll easy and pleasant. Stops are scheduled at symbolic monuments on the way where the guide will show you the incomparable beauty of this path.

From there we’ll take you to the destination where you are going to stay and where your lugguge is waiting for you.




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