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Tour Ostia Antica - Leading Roma
Mon - Sat 8.00/18.00

Tour Ostia Antica

One of the oldest and largest archaeological park in Rome

Program (6 hrs.)

The tour proposed by Leading Roma has a duration of 6 hours, in which we will try to concentrate the utmost to all the wonders and beauties of the suggestive archaeological park of Ostia Antica. We will give you the opportunity to see the best of the best of the site, giving you one of the most beautiful and evocative experiences ever.

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When you are in Rome to visit its historical sites, you can’t not consider one of the most beautiful and exciting archaeological parks to visit: Ostia Antica. For this reason, Leading Rome has organized a wonderful walking tour to discover this fascinating park full of history just a stone’s throw from the city.

Ostia Antica arised thanks to the excavations through the will of Pope Pius VII, dating back to 1800, then continued the following century under Pope Pius IX. This magnificent park has been discovered right from these works, and still archaeologists continue to work to find new areas that belong to it.
According to sources, his foundation was under Anco Marzio in 620 BC, shortly after the founding of Rome.

The name Ostia comes from Latin and means “mouth”, as a matter of fact, the city was born in that place to defend itself against the enemies, which were slowed down to reach the river. Moreover, the Tiber River was also of crucial importance for the city transport as it connected Ostia Antica to many other areas, facilitating the carriage of goods.

Today, this cultural site of huge interes – the third most visited archaeological site in Italy – offers several tours to its visitors, opening the doors of all the areas into the site.

Inside the archaeological park is also the Museo Ostiense, built through the will of Pope Pius IX, where all the objects found during excavations and the busts of the most important figures of the history of Ostia Antica are exhibited.

Tour Brief

We will reach the Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica, where we will visit the whole area through a 6-hour itinerary that will go through several important places and among the most striking of Roman history.

The park is divided into five regions: central, north eastern, western, southern and southeastern. Crossing Via delle Tombe you will reach Porta Romana, the real access to the archaeological park, which opens the way to the Decumanus Maximus.

After reaching the central region, we will visit the Forum, the Castrum Walls, the monumental fountain of the Ninfeo, the Basilica del Buon Pastore, the Thermopolium Palace, the Caseggiato dei Molini and its Sacello of Silvano and the house of Bacco fanciullo: a beautiful two storey building with many well-kept rooms, where we will admire many paintings.
Always in the central region we will see other particular structures that belong to the history of the place: the Small Baths and the Temple of Mensores.

We will then move to the northeastern region where we will have the chance to visit other wonderful structures: the Cisiarii Baths, the beautiful Nettuno Baths, the Cristiano Oratory, the Domus di Apuleio and the Tempietto repubblicano.

We will arrive in the western region, we will focus on the Baths of the Christian basilica, on the market, a large square where at the time it was a true commercial centre of the place, Domus di Marte, with its charming and particular building and its wonderful paintings.
The House of Painted Vaults and Domus Fulminata can be enjoyed.

Arriving at the southern region we will find that it is a place to discover, full of wonderful views.
Among the most significant buildings we will find the Attis Shrine, the columns Domus and the fish one, the Giove Fulminatore Domus, the Baths of the Six Columns, the Bona Dea Shrine, the Porta Marina Forum and last – but not least – the synagogue.

The fifth and last region, also very extensive, hides Domus, Caseggiati, temples and baths. Among the nicest things to see, we will definitely point out the Ninfeo at Victory square, the Sabazeo, the Temistocle Tenement, the Swimmer’s Baths, the Mithraeum of the Snakes and the Domus del Pozzo.


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